What are Short URLs?

Short URLs (or 'Vanity URLs' as they are often named) are merely shorter, simplified versions of your existing website Domain Name. But what's important about them is the manner in which they are used.

Let me give you an example: Say you're running a promotion on a page of your website, and you want to link to this specific page on Facebook. You would ordinarily take the long, sometimes unwieldy URL and paste it as a Facebook status for your followers to interact with. That's fine.

With Short URLs, you can go down the route that large corporations such as Amazon, Coca Cola and Virgin have opted for. They have their own Short URLs, and rather than use the standard, long link that their promotion resides on, they shorten the link using their Short URL service.

What does it mean to shorten a link? It's simple, we'll take Virgin as an example. An ordinary link from Virgin's website may look like this: http://www.virginatlantic.com/13-July-2024-exclusive-promotion/. With their Short URL service, their link would look like this http://virg.in/promo. Notice how much smaller, neater and more memorable the Short URL is?

Why you need a Short URL

Short URLs are everywhere, and it's a fact that some of the biggest brands in the world are effectively using them to promote their goods and services. With ShortURLs.co.uk you can do the same with a bespoke URL shortener made exclusively for your business.

How does it work? It's simple. We take your business name and show you how you can squeeze it down into a Short URL. We'll develop the software which will allow you to use this short URL to turn long, ugly links into shorter, branded links for your marketing needs. This in no way replaces your existing website, but merely acts as a tool for greater brand recognition.

Simply truncate your brand name down into a short, personalised vanity URL and start unleashing the power of Short URLs for your promotional campaigns! Check out the Features page for the full rundown of what the service offers.

Who else is using Short URLs?

As mentioned above, companies such as Amazon and Virgin use Short URLs every day in promotional campaigns on sites like Facebook and Twitter. We've made a dedicated page showing some World-famous corporations using Short URLs on our Example page.

Here's a couple of real-life examples taken from Amazon and Virgin's Facebook accounts - Amazon is using http://amzn.to and Virgin is using http://virg.in:

About Us

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