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It always helps to be vigilant when clicking links on the internet. Unfortunately, we've seen cases where Short URLs are used for phishing and malware purposes. Although rare, it can happen.

We've built this nifty little tool that will show you an original URL that has been previously shortened. It turns Short links back into their long, original counterparts. Or 'unshortened', if you will!

If you're ever weary about clicking a shortened URL - unsure of where it may lead to - our tool is always free to use and will reveal the exact URL that was originally made smaller.

Plus, you'll also get a Safe Browsing report provided by Google to tell you if the destination website is safe or not.

It works with most URL shorteners including bit.ly, tinyurl.com, is.gd, goo.gl, t.co, tr.im etc and will automatically expand the Short URL to reveal the destination link. Give it a try!

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