Branded Short Domain Name

The most important part of your Short URL is the Domain Name. We'll help you find a clever way to shorten your brand name down into as few characters as possible using the multitude of Domain Names available.

We'll try to look for uncommon short endings such as .io, .it, .co, .me, .to etc. You may even consider using a clever Domain Hack to make an existing word or brand name.

Here's a few examples, see if you can guess which company is using each URL:,,,, (more on our examples page).

Custom Keywords for Every Link

For each Short URL you create with your Domain Name, you can optimise it with a Custom Keyword of your choice.

One of our clients, The Investment Coach, is effectively using Custom Keywords to create easy-to-remember URL's such as and Pretty clever!

Full featured Statistics

Short links aren't all about looking good. They have the power to provide a great set of statistics regarding how your users interact with your promotions. Every time a Short URL is clicked, it will be logged in a database and you can then view the following link metrics:

  • Number of clicks over a specified time period
  • Geographic click locations across the Globe
  • Top 5 countries with the most amount of clicks
  • Top referring websites where your link is shown

We certainly don't need to tell you how powerful data like this can be for your marketing campaigns.

Fully Managed, Hosted & Supported

Best of all (and the fact that our clients like the most) is that we take care of the entire service for you. Your URL shortening service will be hosted on our secure UK cloud servers, and we will take care of any issues you may encounter. We're here if you need help and assistance, and we'll provide guidance as and when you need it - all included in the price of your package.

Check out our Pricing page to pick a service best suited for your needs, and we'll take care of everything else.

About Us develop bespoke, short URLs to promote your corporate identity and increase brand awareness in an incredibly easy and cost effective way.

At our core we're a UK based company specialising in web development and design services for businesses and individuals Worldwide.

With over 6 years of professional experience working in some of the UK's most demanding industries, our web expertise is up there with the best.

We're friendly, approachable and most importantly we're here for you whenever you may need us.


  • As a technology focused Independent Financial Adviser, I use our URL shortener for just about everything. We've had feedback from clients who really appreciate our clear and concise links, and it makes sharing content among the community so much better. Not to mention the useful statistics for each and every short link we create.

    A Reeves,
  • Wow! Just like to say thanks to Jay and his team for such a swift service getting my website up and running. It's a novel idea but I really think it has potential. I'm thrilled with the Domain Name we chose too, very creative!

    My Xmas List,
  • As your first customer back in 2012 you really excelled in making my idea a reality. I'm using my website to make a passive income, and it's all handled remotely by your team. Plus, I've never had any issues - what more could you ask for?

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